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PC Repairs West Rand

Looking for computer repairs? Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Regardt (Pronounced Richard in English), I’m 27 Years old and have been in the IT industry for 9 years now and have fixed computers from a young age. I started to work on computers at the age of 15 when Pentium 2/3 were kickass. I have at this age fallen in love with technology and started to fix computers. As a gamer I also learned a lot about networking and configuring local area networks when there were still “10/100 duplex hubs” and IT was still new. I later moved on to software installations when windows XP and internet came to the rescue.

After I graduated grade 12 I studied computer science and started to work on my own, I then installed complete network environments where I set up Windows Server and Centos PXE Boot Servers. I then continued doing General IT work where I fixed hardware and software issues. I have built a reputable name amongst my clients. My saying has always been “fix it the first time then you don’t have to go back”.

The last 4 years I have moved over to development work, where I learned a lot of programming languages and the Rock Solid Operating system “LINUX”. I also manage complete dedicated Linux servers with RAID 10 capabilities. I love new technology and I always play with it, my hobbies are building DIY projects with the “RASPBERRY PI’s.

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PC Repairs. Hardware. Software. Backups



We have all experienced the frustration of slow, unresponsive computers. My clients always ask me "should I buy a new computer". Most of the time I do clean ups on the software or in some cases I re-install the entire machine after doing a complete backup. All machines are "Ghosted" before I make any changes ensuring complete backups

Hardware Repairs

Hardware Repairs

In my experience most of the hardware replacements I have done over the years are hard drives, power supplies, Motherboards (Lightning or power surges causes these issues most of the time). Hardware such as Hard Drives can also be faulty when you see frequent "blue screens" occur. There are tools to check hardware status codes

Self Hosted Backup Solutions


Backup Solutions

Need Secure Self Hosted Backup Solutions on site on your own network? We offer a simple cost effective backup solutions.

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Web Design

Website Design

Looking for a fully responsive, web aesthetic driven website? Contact me for an affordable quotation. All websites include free hosting with annual domain name fees of R89.00

Windows Server Setup

Website Design

Want to lock down workstations using domain controller or active directory?, Secure user machines and limit permissions on what can or can't be accessed

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"I wanted a website that was user friendly with the ability to generate quotations online. Thank you Regardt for the great site."

Franco Nunes Affordable Filing Solutions

"Thank you for completing my website design within budget and timeframe. I receive lots of traffic to my website recently"

Franco Nunes Affordable Office Solutions

"Simple to the point website exactly what I needed that cost a fraction of the price others quoted. Keep up the good work. "

Dean Bench SB Propshaft Engineering

"Thank you Regardt, Im ecstatic with my new website and my clients love the simplicity of my new website. Will recommend you to others"

Adele Myburgh Bookkeeper On Call

"From My SEO, to my booking system. I am very pleased to the quality and rankings of my website. I hit top results for big keywords and adwords are running well."

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Backup Solutions

Cost Effective. Super Secure. Solid. Backup Solutions. Technology

I configure device (Raspberry Pi) to have unlimited backup space (you can use your own hard drive/s). The device will be configured to plug into your network, then users will simply visit https://company.backups in their browsers where they can login. The software supports different level of access with groups and group admins. Many users familiar with Dropbox will see more functionality with this software. Please visit Owncloud for full documentation

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